Complete food for rabbits - So Pellets - Tyrol 

Its specific formula makes Tyrol's rabbit So Pellets a complete and balanced food.
It brings your animal all the elements its body needs.
Alfalfa, a forage crop highly appreciated by rabbits, provides fibres that are essential for digestion.
Its composition also participates in the reduction in the smell of the animal's droppings for increased owner convenience. 
Complete feed for Rabbits.

Composition: plant origin by-products (including alfalfa 8.5%), mineral substances, nutritional and technological additives.  
Analytical constituents : Crude protein 18%;  Crude fat 3%; Crude cellulose 13%; Crude ash 9%.
Nutritional additives Vit A 4522 UI/kg; Vit D3 500 UI/kg; Vit E; 18 mg/kg; Iron 45 mg/kg; Iodine 0,2mg/kg; Copper 6 mg/kg; Manganese 20 mg/kg; Zinc 51 mg/kg; Cobalt carbonate hydroxide monohydrate 0,1 mg/kg; technological additives : sepiolite 4500 mg/kg. 

Ration : 2x40g per day and per animal.
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