Complete food for rabbits - So Family - Tyrol 

Tyrol's So Family mix has been specially designed to meet your rabbit's needs!
It contains a wide variety of rigorously selected ingredients. Bag 2kg. 
Complete feed for Rabbits.

Composition: plant origin by-products, cereals, vegetables, mineral substances, nutritional and technological additives.
Analytical constituents : Crude protein 14%;  Crude fat 3%; Crude cellulose 10%; Crude ash 6%.
Nutritional additives Vit A 3121UI/kg; Vit D3 344UI/kg; Vit E 13 mg/kg; Iron 40 mg/kg; Iodine 0,1mg/kg; Copper 5 mg/kg; Manganese 13 mg/kg; Zinc 35 mg/kg; Cobalt carbonate hydroxide monohydrate 0,1 mg/kg; technological additives : sepiolite 30 mg/kg. 

Ration : 2x40g per day and per animal
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