Complete food for rabbits - Good & Optimal - Tyrol 

Tyrol's Good & Optimal mix is a complete quality food that will contribute to your rabbit's balance and pleasure.
It contains a wide range of ingredients that have been rigorously selected for the beneficial effects on your animal and for their taste.
This mix's specific composition improves your animal's gut flora and therefore its digestion.
Its composition also participates in the reduction in the smell of the animal's droppings for increased owner convenience.
Complete feed for Rabbits.

Composition: plant origin by-products (including parsley 2%, marigold 1%), forage, vegetables, cereals, fruit, oil, mineral substances, seeds,
sugar, nutritional and technological additives. 
Analytical constituents : Crude protein 15%;  Crude fat 4%; Crude cellulose 17%; Crude ash 7%. Nutritional additives Vit A 9789UI/kg;
Vit D3 718 UI/kg; Vit E; 65mg/kg; Iron 92 mg/kg; Iodine 2mg/kg; Copper 5 mg/kg; Manganese 28 mg/kg; Zinc 46 mg/kg; Selenium 0,1 mg/kg;
technological additives : sepiolite 900 mg/kg. 

Ration : 2x40g per day and per animal.

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