AgroBiothers group profile 

More than 100 years... and counting

Incorporated in 1880, AgroBiothers operated in the seed business under the name of Girard & Cie until the 1960’s. In the 70’s and 80’s, AgroBiothers entered the pet market with a focus on specialty stores. Its assortment grew to cover the main segments and a factory of seed mixes was built.
In the 90’s, a specific range for supermarkets was launched and AgroBiothers quickly became a leading player in this field.
Over the last 10 years, AgroBiothers intensified its vertical integration strategy and acquired 2 factories.
AgroBiothers remains a family-owned and well-capitalized company.

A leading player in Europe

AgroBiothers is a leading player in the Pet Care business with sales over €65mio.
We supply speciality chains & stores, pet shops, garden centers, distributors, mass market retailers, grocery and websites from our 2 distribution centers in France and Sweden. We have customers in more than 30  countries in Europe and in the Middle East. 
We offer a catalogue of over 5 000 skus addressing all segments for all pets : Dogs, Cats, Rodents, Birds, Fish, Hygiene&Care, Comfort, Food, etc. The majority of our sales comes from products made in our 3 factories in France and Tunisia.
We sell our products under 4 brand names. Tyrol is our brand for speciality stores and Aimé is our brand for the mass market. Our hygiene and care products are sold under the brand names Vitalvéto for speciality stores and Vétocanis for the mass market. 
In addition to our own brands we work in partnership with a number of our customers to develop and manufacture their own private-label products. 
We operate within stringent quality control standards which include ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and veterinary regulations. 
Our dedicated marketing department work closely with our research & development department allowing us to introduce more than 100 new products each year. 
In addition we aim to give our customers the marketing tools to put our products ahead.

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