AgroBiothers Factories 

Seeds, Gravel and Sands Factory in Cuisery, France

This site houses the head office for the group and its manufacturing plant for the production of seed and grain mixes for birds and rodents as well as litter, sand and gravel for cages and tanks.
In Cuisery we have an overall-production capacity of 100 tonnes per day and a portfolio of more than 300 formulas.
Agrobiothers has been doing seed mixes in Cuisery since 1880. In the middle of an agricultural area, it benefits from an easy access to locally grown raw materials.

Beddings and Saddlery Factory in Bizerte, Tunisia

Our manufacturing operation in Tunisia produces our bedding and cushion range as well as our leashes and collars.
It has a production capacity of up to 3 containers / day.
Close to Europe with manpower costs matching Asia’s, the factory is offering the best of both worlds.

Pet care and Cosmetics Factory in Soultz, France

The factory and the lab are in the same location. Over the years, AgroBiothers has built a portfolio of more than 12000 formulas in pet care and cosmetics. Its facilities are medical devices’ grade. The factory has: 21 different packaging lines, 36 tanks for preparation and storage, 30 employees
AgroBiothers is among the very few players in Europe to combine R&D and production in the pet care segment. This expertise helps us tailor our development according to customer’s and market needs. As always we make not only our brands but also private labels.

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